Philippines Safe Course (PSC2018)
Naga City. The Philippines
July 15 -21, 2018INVITATION


The SAFE Network, where CBSUA is a member-university, organizes an annual international summer course program. The participants and lecturers will come from the different countries with members of the Network. For two consecutive years, it was held in Bali, Indonesia in 2016 and 2017. However, during the Network meeting in Sri Lanka on October 2016, the members expressed their interest in conducting a similar activity in the Philippines with CBSUA as the host university in 2018. During the Bali Summer Course 2017, where CBSUA President and some faculty were invited as lecturers, the SAFE Network coordinator emphasized that the course should focus on agritourism as the main topic of the short course. The Philippine SAFE Course 2018 (PSC2018) will be a five-day event which consists of lectures, workshops and field trips to selected farm destinations in the Bicol region. With the theme, “Sustainability in Farming through Agritourism”, the course aims to provide the participants a clear understanding of the agritourism concept, its value and sustainability components, and farm destination models as a form of green livelihood in the rural areas. As agreed during the SAFE Network meeting at Malaysia on August 2017, the topics to be discussed during the lectures are the following:

  • Agritourism: the what, why and how
  • Sustainability Pillars of Agritourism
  • Climate-Proofing Agritourism
  • Economic opportunities for Agritourism
  • Cultural Preservation through Agritourism
  • Farm-based gastronomy and culinary arts
  • Community engagement in farm destinations
  • Apitourism
  • Organic Agriculture


  • To promote sustainable agritourism among member countries of the SAFE Network.
  • To strengthen linkages with ASEAN universities through the conduct of mutually-beneficial activities
  • To conceptualize agritourism projects for implementation in participants respective countries
  • To showcase the agritourism models in Camarines Sur, Bicol Region.


The expected participants are students of member-universities of SAFE Network which are mostly from but not limited to Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippine, Japan and Sri Lanka. A maximum of 30 participants will be accepted to the course program to provide efficient delivery of lectures, workshops, and field trips.

Registration Fee

A registration fee of US $125 will be charged per participant which shall cover accommodation, meals and field trips during the entire duration of the course program. Ten lecturers from SAFE Network country members are expected to this course program.

How to Apply

Please fill the online application at   Please mention your motivation statement  to join this summer course.  Closing date for Registration is July 1, 2018.